Shipping back to us

For several reasons, we require you to only send back your kits in the envelope provided - first class mail only (delivery confirmation without a signature OK).  If you wish, you can send back Priority Mail® service in our envelope - this also confirms delivery of your kit to us.  The following are *not* approved methods of delivery back to us:  Certified Mail, FedEx, UPS or other courier, delivery in any envelope other than the one we provided you and any delivery that requires a signature.  If your package was sent one of those unapproved ways, your package will be immediately sent back and you will need to resend it.  This policy allow us to run at our most efficient and thus, keeping the price our ImmuneIQ kit at it's extremely low price for everyone.  Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.
Return shipping Policy:  You must provide your return address on the envelope we provide to you. We do not guarantee delivery back to us. 
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