How do I interpret my results?

The RED column indicates anything your pet should avoid, and means that in this moment in time these items create more toxicity than benefit. These things are building up a toxic reaction in the pet.  Sometimes that is an allergy, sometimes it is a toxic reaction (example inflammation). So for example, in the case of a food,it will never create benefit and is not a good choice. We seriously recommend avoiding it. In the case of a toxin, that means it's a high enough level detected it's cause for concern and possibly a 90-120 day detox program or treatment or even drug in the case of a bacteria or fungus. 
YELLOW are a caution but unlike red, you may be able to get away with having it as an ingredient in a food you select.
GREEN is good or "not a problem" of course. So in the case of a toxin, parasite, fungus, bacteria or virus tests, green means these do not seem to be problems in your pet.  Otherwise they would be in the yellow or red columns.
Our standard of sensitivity is much higher than most immunity assessments. Most animals that have defined "allergic reactions" by other allergy tests are a very small percentage and can still be sensitive to a food, plant or toxin to name a few.  For example, we know that additives in our own foods can often be toxic to us over time but not stimulate an allergic reaction or "positive" on a test.  ImmuneIQ is changing the way we look at and understand "allergic" pets.  We believe this is a much broader approach to learning about what's happening with your pet's immune system.
The Green, Yellow, Red system we have developed is part of our "vet-free" system for understanding our results.  Our proprietary software takes lab results and translates them into this easy to understand report for our non-technical customers.  You do not need a vet or vet consultation fee to make sense of and have the results read to you. Our customers appreciate the insight and direction our test provides at a very reasonable price point.
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